12 SEO Keyword Selection Tips for Search Engine Optimization – New Post at Content Marketing Institute

content-marketing-instituteI’m pleased to be a new contributor to the Content Marketing Institute blog. My new post, “12 Tips for “Keyword Selection to Guide Your Content Marketing SEO,”

In the last 15 years, I’ve looked here, there and everywhere for good keywords for clients, but I think it’s the selection, not the research that is the toughest part.

You can find a ton of potential SEO keywords, including a good set of contenders. But how do you choose the ones that will make a difference with search engine optimization?

The piece goes into detail on a dozen different considerations – everything from how you’re already ranking for the keyword to seeing whether efforts to optimize an SEO keyword phrase inspire related other keywords to do well. When you optimize for one critical keyword, the content updates impact other words too.

Internet professionals often say people shouldn’t get fixated on search engine rankings – that it’s all about getting the right traffic and conversions.

Companies have their preferred lists with keywords. What owner doesn’t have his or her favorite three SEO keyword phrases?

If they care, I will care too.

We sometimes have different notions about what keyword ranking makes the most sense. In other words, what keyword phrase is really worth pursuing in view of a web site’s ability to rank in the first place? Web site age, the domain name, inbound links and other factors will really determine the outcome.

The post includes graphic that can serve a a checklist of sorts – basic questions to think about when deciding what keyword to settle on when publishing new content for your company web site, blog, etc.

Can you really weigh all 12 every time you even think about your content strategy? I don’t think so. You will likely have some criteria as well. You make the best choices with the time and content.

Check out the SEO keyword selection post and add a comment with some of your ideas for how to make the most of keywords and search engine optimization.

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